Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange (EE) is a global leader in the world of cooperatively grown food and the originator of Fair Trade food in North America. The very first shipment of the very first fair trade product in North America was a ship load of EE coffee that appropriately came into the Boston Harbor – the same harbor that hosted the Boston Tea Party. Technically the U.S. was at “war” with the Nicaraguan government at the time, the source country for this fairly traded and cooperatively grown coffee product. The Federal officials impounded this shipment and only after a bare-knuckled legal fight did EE get their coffee to market and history was made: The Fair Trade movement had reached the U.S. shore and has flourished ever since. EE has engaged Replace on a wide variety of projects in our nearly ten years of design collaboration. At the core of each project is the message and the mission “Small Farmers : Big Change.”

Principle 6

The Design Process

Replace worked with all six founding cooperatives to create this trade organization to maximize the impact of products cooperatively grown, shipped, and sold. The Principle Six (P6) Cooperative Trade Movement exemplifies equitable trade relationships between farmers, producers, retailers and consumers. 

Fair Food Fight

The Design Process

Fair Food Fight is a compelling spectacle of cutting-edge activism, social networking, and information-swapping aimed at sparking a real-food revolution in America. Replace designed and illustrated this campaign to promote discussion surrounding food justice and cooperative development in agriculture.

Retail Packaging

The Design Process

Replace was honored to design this expanding line of Fair Foods including olive oil from the West Bank, almonds from California, apricots from Pakistan, and more. By replacing daily purchases from exploitive and unsustainable sources, we all improve the living conditions of source farmers and health delivery for the products and ecosystem.

Fair Trade Bananas

The Design Process

Equal Exchange purchased the financially failing OK banana company and successfully created the first profitable organic cooperative Banana brand in World history. The design exploration needed to speak with a balanced tone of social justice and product quality. The bananas taste righteous! But it’s the righteous social justice mission “Look Beyond The Peel” that needed to resonate with our customers.

Stand With Small Farmers

The Design Process

Why do Small Farmers matter? The list is long and the reasons are many. This design work was created to communicate the lasting community investment and social good that always emerges from supporting small farmer economies. Care of the land, care for education, and raising the quality of life for farmers is the outcome that always follows small farmer investment. Small Farmers: Big Change.