General Mills

Replace has enjoyed and earned a decade-long relationship with our General Mills clients. This industry leading, and technology embracing food provider has literally fed the world with its breakthrough nutritional delivery. Replace does our best work with the Innovation department for General Mills that we helped name and design, 301 Inc. 301 Inc. and General Mills are dedicated to the business reality of growing sustainable food, distribution, and delivery. Replace is honored to help concept and design these sustainable, nutritious, and delicious food options that change our world for the better. They walk the talk. Replace is also proud to help with the widely acclaimed “Spoonful of Stories” that directly delivers award winning books to children in need to advocate child literacy.

Willis Reed Press Kit

Replace was thrilled to ‘take it to the hole’ with General Mills on another real slam-dunk of a project. Wheaties produced a limited run cereal box to honor NBA legend Willis Reed. The Hall of Famer is most commonly associated with his triumphant return to the court for Game 7 of the 1969-70 NBA finals after sustaining what was perceived to be a series ending injury. Replace was in charge of creating a press kit that honored a defining moment in sports history, sports nostalgia and most importantly a state of mind. Replace was truly honored to help create another Willis Reed Moment.

Spoonfuls of Stories

Replace poured out playful, child-like illustrations for a General Mills media resource kit promoting youth literacy. The illustrations are based on the project’s theme—reading to a child is magical. The program distributes free books in cereal boxes to children throughout the country.

The Design Process

Phase 1

The list of General Mills and 301 Inc. projects are very long, and the needs are very deep. With each opportunity we try to align the heart of the food lover with the heart of the General Mills mission to feed the world with great food.

Phase 2

The competion for attention is steep, and the business models are ever in flux. Replace is honored to approach each project with the same opportunity: feed the world better, feed the world more sustainability, feed the world with the great food that our clients customers deserve.


301 Inc

301 Inc

301 Inc is the new business development division at General Mills. Replace was honored to help name and design the brand ID for this new and highly innovative division. General Mills launched 301 in an effort to generate ideas outside of the company’s traditional business segments — cereal, yogurt, convenient meals, etc. — which have their own innovation teams. More specifically, 301 Inc. works in the start-up and entrepreneurial sectors to foster development in the areas of new products that were previously not easily reached by General Mills. 301 is named for the address of the first company that became General Mills: The visionary company of Cadwallader C. Washburn! Washburn formed the Minneapolis Milling Company in 1856 to lease power rights to mill operators, and 10 years later he built his first flour mill near the falls of St. Anthony on the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. These Mills eventually became “General Mills”. That address of the first Mill, “301” was the inspiration of 301 Inc. To remind partners of the entrepreneurial roots of General Mills. The tagline “Emerging Brand Elevator” echoes the company history of Grain Elevators, and also sets the 301 mission: To elevate great brands to the next level. 301 moved its headquarters away form the Golden Vally, MN global General Mills headquarters back to the St. Anthony location to honor that innovative history.