Pure Bar

The Pure Bar founder and owner was a dedicated mother searching for better snack options for her health conscious family. Finding few options except highly processed, and empty calorie junk food snacks, Veronica Vroom began experimenting with her own recipes for all organic and highly nutritious snack bars. The Pure Bar became a fast local hit in her Michigan home town and then a fast national hit with national distribution. She and The Pure Bar brand team reached out to the Replace design team to expand the core Pure Bar product offerings into new and highly competitive categories. The team wanted to explore brand options in to the markets of ancient grain snacks and organic fruit strips. Replace designed options that both stood out from the core Pure Bar offerings but still very much echoed the family of Pure Bar Experiences.

The Design Process

Phase 1

Phase one explored the copy language and design language that communicated the benefits of ancient grains. This preliminary work also needed to communicate “Fruit Strip” in a way that would not say “Junk Food”. We developed custom illustration and photography solutions that paired with new brand language.

Phase 2

As the brand work refined, the Pure Bar team double-downed the creative focus to launch this new product offering. The result was a highly successful and award winning addition to The Pure Bar portfolio of brands. The Simple Living magazine of August 2014 voted The Pure Bar Ancient Grains as their top pick for nutritional snack bar options.