At its core, Replace is a creative agency. Since 1996 great design thinking is our passion and a strategic approach to redefining your brand is our hallmark. Every challenge we approach by focusing exclusively on design solutions that lend distinction and voice to our clients’ hard work. Our approach is unique to each assignment and client, and in each assignment Replace focuses on the objectives first and foremost rather than just the deliverables. Because of the breadth and depth of our capabilities, we tailor our solutions to specific client needs placing equal emphasis on helping clients see their vision more clearly; crafting their strategy more intelligently; and taking the actions necessary in order to connect to their audience with power and clarity.

Replace has partnered with large and small businesses, arts organizations, educational institutions, toy manufacturers, health and well-being companies, food packaging and distribution organizations, financial institutions, and even cookie companies. Replace creates visual brand identity systems, packaging, posters, videos, books, interiors and anything else that employs innovative design aesthetics to amplify our clients’ message. Since 2005 Replace has partnered with Seward coop to help them tell their story and grow from an $8-25 million company throughout a recession and able to support a pricepoint 25% over all other food prices.

Replace work has been honored by nearly every major design competition in its field, including top honors from The One Show, AIGA, Communication Arts, Graphis Magazine, the Art Director’s Club and many others. The work we’ve done is part of the Copper-Hewitt permanent collection of 20th century design at the Smithsonian Institute. Replace has authored and published its own board games, developed the retail poster studio Big Table Studio, founded the Poster Offensive poster show, sells its I [cherry] MPLS products at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN, has its own design talk show: DesignSmoke.com and launched MNInvents.com, a poster series designed to educate and empower the Minnesota community about the growing list of inventions initiating in our great state. Replace founder Jeff Johnson is asked to speak regularly on the topic of innovative and sustainable design and design thinking at various universities and industry organizations both local and national.


We exist to improve + replace the status quo by reinventing, redefining and reigniting a passionate response for existing brands or partnering to launch a completely new concept. All new products or rebrands are replacing a product or service that is no longer relevant with something different, something better, that more accurately reflects our client’s position and purpose. We believe design reaches beyond a visual aesthetic to include how a business functions. When visionaries are brought together to collaborate, regardless of background or discipline–this is where the magic happens. We are challenged and inspired by the risk and opportunity involved in trying something that has never been done before, this herein lies our reward and is the fuel to our fire. At the end of the day, we are all here to produce creative solutions through smart design thinking and execution.and national.