Steve Marth

Steve Marth received his 4-year bachelor of sciences degree in Graphic Design through what was then the University of Minnesota's College of Human Ecology. Originally from New Hope, MN, Steve is a Senior Designer here at Replace, and was the main designer behind numerous projects that have received a number of AIGA Minnesota awards, including a Judge's Choice award for the design of a childhood health program called Switch. Steve's work has been honored by the One Show and has been featured in Communication Arts Magazine. Outside of design, he finds his peace playing guitar,working on various musical projects, and taking trips to any and every corner of the United States as he possibly can (mostly in search of the perfect ballpark).

Steve has a familiarity and love for the University stemming from the years he spent there earning his degree, doing design work for Twin Cities Student Unions (at Coffman Union), helping younger students with the ins and outs of Illustrator and Photoshop at the Design Housing and Apparel computer labs, and playing the trombone in the Pride of Minnesota, the University of Minnesota's Marching Band. Steve has worked extensively in the field of motion graphics and music. He's worked for clients such as the University of Minnesota, Target, General Mills, and Geek Squad.