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Dr. Dave

“Whoever tells the stories defines the culture.” This simple statement defines the work of the National Institute on Media And The Family, a Minneapolis-based research and outreach group devoted to the health and well-being of children and families, and their relationships with media. Replace has worked with the Institute since 2004, creating brands and program materials for projects like Switch, Through U, and a kids book for Hmong families devoted to keeping their languages alive. In 2008 Replace was proud to rebrand the Institute in order to keep them vital in the coming years of unprecedented technological change.

The National Institute on Media and the Family asked Replace to design a book that focuses on the integration of culture of a Hmong family living in America. The graphic style of the book is based off comic books and graphic novels.

Designed to motivate kids to rethink their activities in order to fight childhood obesity, National Institute on Media and the Family’s test program encourages reduced screen time (TV, computer and video games) and increased fruit and veggie consumption. The "spunky" slogan—Switch what you view, chew, do—sets the tone for the entire action-filled game plan. Replace named the program, designed the logo, curriculum materials and packaging.