A new identity for ENU!


Replace is very proud to announce the new brand identity update we created for game-changer brand, ENU. The good folks at ENU created a Real Nutritional Shake that provide Strength for your Journey. Other nutritional shakes are mostly sugar and chemicals. ENU is made from Grass-fed Whey Protein.– which is a great nutritional source in the maintenance and rebuilding of muscle mass. Whey protein is sought out by endurance athletes, body builders and sports nutritionists. The secondary protein source in ENU is soy protein. This protein is a complete protein and the most digestible plant protein source. Soy protein is also rich in valine, an essential amino acid required for healthy cell and organ function. The awesomeness of ENU Delivers 23g Of Protein Per Serving, with 450 calories per serving and 25% less sugar than leading nutritional shakes. ENU is The Best Tasting Shake Made From the Best Non-GMO Ingredients. Thanks to our great ENU client for brining this market change product into the world. We are honored to Replace the status quo in the Nutritional Shake world with this great, healthier product.