EMBARK! For the Modern Explorer.

Replace is VERY excited to show off this new work we have just finished for the GREAT folks at B+E Maple Syrup in Wisconsin. Amazing folks with an amazing sustainable vision. This new brand is an energy shot made with good energy (both in the people and the product) – all pure Wisconsin maple syrup and it tastes great. Embark! For the Modern Explorer. Big ups to Lucas Richards for the amazing work on this amazing brand! Big ups to EMBARK!


Grasso Foods is Here!

People today eat too much sugar, too many preservatives, and too little fat. The goal of Grasso Foods is to reintroduce people to naturally delicious, fat forward products. Aside from tasting great, they keep you full, focused, and ready for action much longer than their sugary, preserved counterparts. ‘Grasso’ is Italian for ‘fat’, and like Italians, they take great pride in the food they serve, and won’t let you walk away unsatisfied. Who says the healthy food revolution can’t taste great?

We have been working on Grasso for almost an entire year now, and are so excited to finally show it off. All the illustrations were done by us, as well as some custome typography. We are extremely happy with how it turned out and even happier to work with a fantastic Minneapolis owned business!


Go Solo!

Go Solo! It was a HUGE HUGE HUGE honor to work with the great folks at Solo to design the new Icon for the TRANSCENDENTLY recognized Red Solo Cup. We also had the honor to design a new icon for the ANTHORA Cup. What’s the Anthora Cup you ask? It’s the Greek style coffee cup you have seen A MILLION times in New York and basically every movie about NY. And even better… and here’s the great part… All of this work was for SOLO SUPPORTS! The New Solo Cup initiative to provide meals for folks that need them. Very much like the ReplaceEverything.com initiative we started at Replace 4 years ago, Looking great and doing great! Now go show some support for folks in need and visit Solo Supports! And raise a glass for us, for you, for everyone! JJ

Lite Bud : Just Lite. Just Rite

We are very proud of this new Cannabis brand that we were lucky enough to design for our awesome Vireo client. Check out this great write up in Forbes. The Minnesota-based multi-state operator Vireo Health recently released “Lite-Bud” which the company claims to be “America’s First micro-dose pre-rolled cones. Lite-Bud pre-rolls are made with flower testing in at 4-10% THC, which is notably lower than the high twenties standard for cannabis flower cultivars available at dispensaries. Just Lite. Just right.

Read the article here: https://bit.ly/2vivXgH

Welcome to Freedom!

Welcome to Freedom! Great to see the work that Replace did with Hen’s Teeth and Sheehan Photography for Chumash Casino is going up all over L.A. Very proud of this work we did for the Tribal Community of The Chumash.

New Flavors for MPLS Cider Co!

Check out some of the new designs we did for Minneapolis Cider Co’s new flavors! We worked real hard on these and are super happy to be able to show them!


Come on over for a free beer (until it’s gone) and a good old fashioned Studio Purge Party of Art, Design Crap, Posters, Office Supplies, and whatever else we purge! We hold this event about once every 10 years – so come on over and enjoy the purge! Also enjoy a quick game of our custom made STUDIO PURGE desktop game!!!

Just in time for obscure holiday gifts. Go PURGE!! – JJ


1937 : On the Right Side of History

Everyone at Replace is INCREDIBLY proud to finally show off 1937: A new cannabis brand we designed and named for our awesome Vireo client. In 1937, a small and powerful group of cannabis prohibitionists used their influence to push the Marihuana Tax Act into law. They used potent propaganda to change a common household remedy into a tool to send our people to prison. Stripping them of their rights, and their vote. The name 1937 was deliberately chosen as we believe in the power of cannabis to right those wrongs. As state over state overturns prohibition, we proudly stand for cannabis wellness, social justice and equality for all.


New Seward Coop Website!!

Bravo Seward!!! We were so very very proud to work with the whole Seward Coop team and the mighty mighty Scott Anderson from Room 34 on this update for the Seward Coop Website. Replace been lucky enough to brand design work for Seward Coop for the past 16 years. Seward Coop is the fastest growing Natural Food Coop in the western hemisphere. 7m/year to 50m.year in 16 years. Whoa. This doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by putting your Coop VALUES in front of everything. Coop Values in front of design. Coop Values in front of business decisions. Coop Values in front of community decisions. I grew up in a Horace Farmers Elevator Coop in North Dakota that my family helped found. I used to work as a laborer in that same elevator in high school. Designing this work for Seward has very deep personal roots. The businesses (grocery and otherwise) that have engaged in the race to the bottom in the past 20 years have suffered the predictable fate – they got there. Bravo to Seward Coop, who unlike their grocery competition, have instead raced to the top: And keep finding a new top at every turn. Thanks to everyone at Seward, Room 34, and the whole Replace crew that laid down the glory for this site update. JJ