It’s Always Time to Get Lucky!

It’s Always Time To Get Lucky!

We are soooooo stoked to show off the first Lucky Cricket branded property we designed with our awesome Friend and Client, Andrew Zimmern. Working with the Architecture and Design magicians at Shea Design, the design process for this property has been a studio highlight for all of us at a Replace. We are proud to to show off this awesome new property we branded for AZ. It has been a four-year journey since we first named and designed this brand for AZ. Many thanks to our friends and partners at Shea Design for their intense spirit of collaboration and art. And, of course, many thanks to the boss man, Andrew Zimmern for his amazing leadership and energy making this such a great experience. And we can’t forget HUGE thanks to Stephanie Rau and John Barber at Rau-Barber for the wondrous photos of this great space. Now turn off your computer or phone you are reading right now and get your buns to the AZLC bar for a big fruity Tiki Drink!