An issue of a Megaphone.

Check out this note from the minnesota dfl newsletter.

Note: We not only broke all prior records, we shattered them. The all-time caucus-turnout record, in 1968, was under 80,000. Turnout topped 75,000 only one other time, in 1972. Last night we topped 200,000; Secretary of State Mark Ritchie estimates that, when all the precincts report, more than 230,000 DFLers attended a precinct caucus — triple the old record.

This is the story all around the country, dems out represented GOP caucuses by a whopping 73% margin. This is interesting for all kinds of reasons, but it’s important to note that this comes after 5 full years now of progressive liberal talk radio.

I haven’t heard anyone talk about this. The war was just as unpopular in 2004 as 2008: The difference it would seem, is a matter of the megaphone. And certainly – there are better candidates this round – but this is true on both sides of the aisle. In 2004, Liberal radio was a novelty and a start up. Now there are several networks and they are funded. Still not a story – but it’s worth noting.