As part of the larger brand update for the Birchwood Cafe brand identity, Replace was asked to redesign the Birchwood Cafe web experience. The previous website has literally not been updated in nearly 20 years, and the passionate fans of Birchwood Cafe demanded more out of their web experience. Working closely with our trusted design and development partners, Room 34, Replace designed this website to serve the ever-changing needs of this progressive local food brand. There’s a lot in the Birchwood name. Established in 1926 by the Bursch family, the cafe was originally a dairy. In the 1940’s, Cy and Del Bursch converted the dairy into a neighborhood grocery, which quickly became an essential part of neighborhood life. Food staples, penny candy and neighborhood news established the Birchwood as a favorite meeting place and after-school hangout. This history needed to be honored on this branded site. In 1995, Cy and Del handed the Birchwood Store over to us and once again the Birchwood was reborn, this time as the Birchwood Cafe. Keeping the traditions of freshness and community alive, the new owners made the Birchwood a friendly place to find good food and good people. 21  years (and counting!) later, the Birchwood is not just for neighbors anymore. Now a popular destination, people drive from miles around to feel right at home. This site needed to both service the daily updates of the brand story and menu as well as service the legacy of the Birchwood brand.