Green Goods is on a mission to embrace and enable goodness. Our longtime medical marijuana client, Vireo Health, asked Replace Inc. to name and design a robust and elastic brand for the expanding world of recreational cannabis. The resulting brand we created is Green Goods : Wellness Grows Here. This is an exciting time in medicine because doctors and researchers are simultaneously creating completely new drug therapies while also uncovering more and more medicinal capabilities in things that already exist in nature. Both the medical and recreational sides of the cannabis industry are responding positively to this new therapeutic approach to cannabis. Green Goods is a company that uses the vast properties of marijuana to Replace pain with good to the greatest extent possible, for as many people as possible. Green Goods is here to Replace the pain relief options that are fundamentally bad for human health with options that are simply better in every way.


Green Goods also want to create this change in the most sustainable way possible because while it is great for a lot of things, marijuana can’t heal the planet by itself. That’s going to take all of us: From the ground up. Green Goods was created to heal the planet and heal the people that are eager to be part of that healing process. Wellness Grows Here.


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