We’ve got Spirit, yes we do. We’ve got Sprit, how ‘bout YOU! Joia Spirit: The Mobile Cocktail with great taste. Our long-time, and much-loved client, Boundary Waters Beverages, asked us to bring the Spirit t0 this new line of cocktails. So we did!! Joia Spirit is the new line of Premium Vodka Cocktails from Joia. This new brand started with the classic line of Joia Sparkling beverages, the award-winning, all natural fruit, herb and spice combinations crafted by the stellar mixologist, Dan Oskey. The Joia client soon learned that Joia Sparkling made amazing mixers and Joia lovers everywhere were using it to make their own cocktails. Why not make it easy? The good folks at Boundary Waters Beverages did just that, and Joia Spirit was born! With the partnership of our spirited web development team, Room 34, The Replace Design crew created this brand, and this website to bring good cheer and good spirits to this awesome brand. Enjoy!