Local Crate brings you fresh, local ingredients & chef-designed recipes delivered weekly to your home or office. The brand was created by two Minnesota entrepreneurs who aimed to take the Meal-Kit concept to the next level. Replace was brought on board to name and design this industry-leading and rapidly-growing brand. The identity system is designed to be a simple, clear, and graceful frame to the real hero of this story: the delicious, locally sourced, and chef-curated meals. Through a long list of celebrity chef partners, local food heroes, local farmers and food providers, Local Crate has rocketed to an amazing level of start-up success. Now with national distribution through Target Stores and Coops, Local Crate is expanding to more and more communities. In each state they provide delicious meals to, their dedication to sourcing local ingredients remains the same. SIMPLE MEALS. COOK HAPPY. EAT LOCAL.

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