Replace created MN Invents to honor the secret history of Minnesota Invention. This site is the portal into the MN Invents universe. MN INVENTS chronicles the colorful behind-the-scenes history of Minnesota’s fertile culture of innovation and invention. Encompassing things like the stored-memory computer, the pop-up toaster, the retractable safety belt, the in-ear hearing aid, water skis, Spam(!), and even a miniature helicopter piloted by mind control, the list of Minnesota-born inventions is long and gets longer every year. MN INVENTS is happy to introduce this cavalcade of ingenuity to the world. The people of this state have a long history of reluctance to accept the status quo. And when a challenge arises, history shows that, time and again, a Minnesotan meets that challenge with imagination and inventiveness. Whether the result is something as playful as a Nerf ball, as useful as a Post-it note, or as life-giving as open-heart surgery, this generous tradition is a well-earned source of pride and empowerment for all Minnesotans. MN INVENTS—it really, really does!