Replace was honored by the NYSE brand team to help announce the industry changing merger and partnership with Euronext. This classic financial giant known as “The Big Board” wanted to invite its new European partners into an large NY event that celebrated the foods, flavors, and cultures of the European landscape. Replace and the brand team created this passport, stamps, and larger event that allowed the event attendees to earn rewards and prizes from visiting all the nation’s booths. With passport in hand, these financiers would get a passport stamp for each visit with earned rewards and opened the conversation of cross-cultural exchange opportunities. Replace illustrated and designed all the components of the event campaign and facilitated production of the final assets. The event and the merger was a resounding success.

The Design Process

Using the existing design language of NYSE Euronext, Replace illustrated and designed a system that would work well within the brand design and clearly stand out as a very special event. The NYSE client partnered with us to invest the time, resources, and most importantly, the trust needed to make this event one to remember.