Replace is proud to be the next-door neighbor for the MIGHTY Nokomis Shoe Shop. As fans of, and shoppers to, this premium product retail store, Replace was honored to redesign this web experience. We literally had to find a solution to showcase tens of thousands of individual products. Working closely with our development partner, Room 34, Replace was honored to create this simple, modular, and highly adaptive interactive solution. For over 80 years, Nokomis Shoe Shop, a family-run business, has provided quality products, unparalleled customer service and a shopping experience that is truly unique. This site needed to both honor that legacy and speak to the future customers of Nokomis Shoe Shop. When you visit one of the two stores, you’ll be greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable staff. While browsing, you can get fitted for a pair of work boots, pick out a pair of amazing wool socks, or shop for a huge assortment of gifts and clothing. The hands-on, personal attention of Nokomis Shoe Shop needed to be echoed in the site UX and UI. Nokomis Shoe Shop. Since 1931.