Replace was asked to create this multi-faceted interactive experience for Seward Community Coop, the fastest growing community food cooperative in the nation. Growing from $7.9M per year to $42M per year in just 13 years produces some really interesting technical hurdles. Working closely with our development partner, Room 34, Replace is honored to continually address these growth challenges for this internationally leading cooperative brand. “Everyone Welcome,” the words above the Franklin and Friendship entrances, are perhaps more important now than ever. In the days to come, let’s embody these words through a spirit of inclusion and cooperation. This site needed to live and breath that message. Training over a hundred content providers, Room 34 and Replace created this custom CMS to meet the ever changing needs of this community coop. Seward Co-op opened in 1972 on the corner of 22nd and Franklin avenues. In the beginning the co-op was run by a core group of volunteers and had a small selection of products with a heavy emphasis on bulk goods. Seward nows has three properties in the twin cities owned by it’s passionate members. This site is designed to speak to the needs of those members and advocate for the cooperative principles that drive this industry leading brand.