Don’t just got big, GO SUMO!! Sumo Dog is the new restaurant in the heart of LA’s Korea town. This pop-up is the creation of Jeffrey Lunak. Jeffrey wanted to create a new kind of hot dog experience based on the intense flavors and unique combinations of Pan-Asian cuisine. With only the best ingredients sourced from premium places like Snake River Farms, Sumo is bringing a new kind of food experience to the West Coast. Sumo Dog wrestles up a sumo-sized flavor that will push your taste buds to their limits. With fares such as “The Godzilla”, “The Loco Moco”, and of course their signature “Sumo Dog”, we knew that Replace Design had to cook up something extra huge! Some of the highlights of this project included hand-engineered neon signage, menu design, packaging applications, and the identity work. First launched at Coachella, Sumo Dog has earned rave reviews in “Rolling Stone”, “Vogue”, and “Thrillest” publications. To quote the “Rolling Stone” review: “…this thing pushes up against the edge of indecency, even if it’s not so punk to eat a hotdog with a fork and knife.”

Sumo Sized Flavor

Design Process