Choose Sustainable Shipping

This is cool: Spunk’s own Craig Johnson is exploring sustainable shipping  options  in a project for the Sustainability/Measuring and Communication Life Cycle class at MCAD. Here’s part of a mock study of how online retailers could position their shipping to customers to allow them to make the most eco-sensitive choice. His project’s titled A look at reuse, energy savings through shipping options and end-of-life rethinking.

Tack an option onto online shopping carts that illustrates the eco-impact and CO2 levels of different shipping choices in a way that helps a consumer understand. It would allow the customer to make a “positive” choice by understanding the problem in environmental terms. Shipping something “next day” is often more expensive, hard on the business and hard on the environment. Retailers could even offer a small discount for eco-shipping (karma credit, if you will).

These are the ideas Spunk can deliver to clients – design that helps consumers to feel good about “their” choice in a product, service or company and on top of it all, the business would save some money and help the environment. Every little bit helps…