I Cherry MPLS!!

I Cherry MPLS!! Now for Sale at www.lovemplsparks.org. 50% of all profits will be donated to People for Parks to help maintain and reserve the Minneapolis park system.

This work of mine is one big love letter to the best city in the world, Minneapolis MN, and to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. When I was just getting out of art school in 1992 I was homeless and living out of my 1983 Buick Skylark. I would sleep in my car nestled snuggly in the parking lot of the Walker Art Center and slyly sidle into the gallery bathroom in freshen up before my interviews with the global design elite of Minneapolis. There was a great payphone in the lobby for those pre-cell phone conversations of employment. I was quickly hired by Duffy Design and so began my 25-year globe-trotting design career. I have never lost the gratitude I have for the City of Minneapolis which has been my beloved home ever since. When I see the Cherry Spoon Bridge in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, I see much more than a great piece of 20th century Pop Art. I see a promise. A promise that this city made to me, and one that this city has KEPT to me for over a quarter century of crushing creative and personal fulfillment. I Cherry MPLS. I really do.
Now its time to bring that great cherry favor and flavor full circle.The great Minnesota design leader, Dan Woychick has created www.lovemplsparks.org. This site is a great design solution to co-fund the great Minneapolis Park system, where the Cherry Spoon Bridge resides. I am PROUD to have my “I Cherry MPLS” design products now for sale at www.lovemplsparks.org. The Love MPLS parks goal is to inspire people to explore, promote, and preserve Minneapolis parks. Proceeds from every sale will go to support our park system. LoveMplsParks.org was created to help engage citizens as park advocates, increase the use and recognition of park amenities, and give park visitors an opportunity to display their support. 50% of all profits will be donated to People for Parks to help maintain and reserve the Minneapolis park system. We are both visitors and stewards of our neighborhood parks. Please join us to ensure they continue to thrive for generations.
– Jeffrey K. Johnson, Founder and Owner of Replace Inc.