New Geek Squad Badges!

There is no equal to Geek Squad. Neither in the tech world – and in the trillion-dollar retail world writ large. That means something to me. It takes 18 months for an agent to earn a badge. There are now agents with over 20 years of service. That is unparalleled in the tech world We designed the new Geek Squad badge with that kind of loyalty in mind. The new Geek Squad badges have areas that honor 5,10,15, and 20 years of service and seniority. Within days of launching this new badge a couple weeks back, the agents themselves had spent tens of thousands of dollars of THIER OWN MONEY to purchase the badges that they are retroactively entitled to. The badges that reflect their seniority and years of service. They did not HAVE to to do this – They just did it because thy WANTED to do it. There is no bigger honor for a designer. None. I am humbled and deeply honored to have designed this brand and this badge.

Geek Squad