New Mix CD's for Winter

Here are a few new Compilation Music Mixes we’re working on for that final sprint out of the Minnesota Winter

1.) “Funky Boss – Funky Boss – Get Off My Back”
A back to back, song for song investigation of the of the 1970’s work of Stevie Wonder and Pete Townsend.

2.) “Lonely Boys – Lonely Towns”
Another song for song, back to back compilation cd of the work by Kurt Cobain and Paul Westerberg. This mix cd would highlight the bizzarro relationship between Seattle and Minneapolis as the most lonely cities in North America. It might also spur a follow up mix cd of the comparison work of Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix. Sir Mix-a-Lot and Slug?

3.) Songs the make Jeff Johnson cry
This is a bullet proof of 13 songs that without fail always make me cry.