Poster Offensive 4 – Frank Stone Gallery

Poster Offensive 4 – Part Deux

We’ll be having the second Poster Offensive Friday, October 3rd at Frank Stone Gallery in Northeast Minneapolis. It’s gonna be a great party.

We’re proud to announce that Goodby, Silverstein & Partners from San Francisco, along with The Huffington Post, have included three posters that are a reaction to the Bush years. We’re excited for that they approached us about this. We’re big fans.

We will also have a couple of cool posters from our friend Paul Gardner of Florafauna. Cool stuff.

Chowgirls will be catering the event with a tasty assortment of vittles.

And, believe it or not, there will be beer.

Everything starts at 5pm. Get there early for the best selection! Remember, the posters went on sale once already.