Seward Coop Creamery


Bravo Seward!!! Almost three years ago we started noodling with our awesome Seward Community Coop client to brand the Coop Creamery long-dormant smokestack. Back in the depression, this Cooperative Creamery was started to service the very real nutritional deficits of Minneapolis kids. That Cooperative Creamery brought nutrition and health to the inner city population of the depression-era metro. They broadcast their cooperative message loud and strong. Today Seward Community Coop has megaphoned that cooperative mission again with the mighty Seward Coop Creamery Cafe. But in the same building as the old Franklin Coop Creamery. The Seward Coop Creamery is the only non-tipping restaurant / bar in the entire metro. They area dedicated to amazing food for guests and living wages for the team. This week, the Seward Coop finished painting up the old smoke-stack to broadcast the mission loud and clear. Seward Coop: Everyone Welcome.