Support the 2012 Time Travel Calendar!

Our dear, sweet designer pal, Alex Griendling, has started a Kickstarter campaign for his 2012 Time Traveler Calendar. He breaks down the whole project in the video above. Or if you’re more of a reader:

“This is the culmination of years of sci-fi fandom and design practice. I want to create a high quality calendar that will help everyone make their home or workspace approximately 45% nerdier and 100% better-looking (Ok, maybe not a 100%, but better-looking. Honest.).

The calendar collects time travel events from films, comics, TV shows and videogames and puts them on a single timeline that plays out over the year. You’re getting about 2.6 billion years of time travel in 12 months.”

So come on all you glorious and beautiful nerds, pledge to the 2012 Time Travel Calendar! And get some neat stuff in return.