Who Grows Your Breakfast?

Principle Six, a food movement that wants you to consider who’s behind the food that ends up on your plate. Through materials like this P6 Breakfast poster, Spunk Design Machine is working to change the way we look at our meals – turning it into a celebration of the people and efforts it takes to bring it to your door and moving toward a more equatable food system.

Jeff Johnson found in Denmark

Jeff Johnson’s sketches were spotted last week at the Danish Design Center’s shop. A new Steven Heller book, GRAPHIC has been released containing the sketches, thoughts and ideas of the world’s greatest graphic designers.

Pick up a copy and take a look at this impressive, possibly intimidating sampling of talent.

Jeff Johnson to Speak at Sustainable Design Retreat

Jeff Johnson, founder of Spunk Design Machine to speak at the 2010 Sustainable Design Retreat – June 19th. Case studies for sustainable brands like Galactic Pizza, The Davis Co-op and The Seward Co-op and others will be presented.