Shelterbelt Studios Open House

We’ll have a few prints and such down at Shelterbelt studios so come on down and pick a few up.

Art Directors Club—Annual 87: Award

Spunk is honored to be honored by the 87th Annual Art Directors Club Show for it’s entry of the Thought-in-Motion U of M Dance Poster. The poster, created to function as a gift and as a rewarding piece of promotion, is designed to allow the poster to be presented as a full letterpressed Thought-in-Motion triptych or broken apart into three unique and original posters. Check it out on page 205!


Spunk Design Machine is proud to announce the latest and greatest Poster Offensive 4.

Coinciding with the 2008 GOP convention in Saint Paul, The Poster Offensive is proud to announce their fourth show! We are stoked to announce that this season’s Poster Offensive will be partnered up with the great Minnesota organization, Provention: A group of Minnesota artists offering a heartfelt and sincerely peaceful welcome to the GOP conventioners as they arrive in our town. The Poster Offensive is a completely non-partisan poster show dedicated to the promotion of peace and democracy. Can’t wait to see you at the show folks!

There will be two showings this year!

The Black Dog Cafe
308 Prince Street
Saint Paul, MN 55101
August 15 – September 15

OPENING RECEPTION: August 29th, 5pm

Frank Stone Gallery
1224 2nd Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
October 3 – October 12


This year’s participants include:
Aesthetic Apparatus, Todd Bartz, James Boyd Brent, Anchalee Chambundabongse, Eighthourday, Jamey Erickson, Dennis Evert, Peet Fetsch, Dale Flattum, Robb Harskamp, Ben Hribar, Miss Amy Jo, Steve Jockisch, Craig Johnson, Jeff Johnson, LandLand, Ben Levitz, Lovely Mpls, Steve Marth, Patrick Maun, Aaron Melander, Sam Michaels, Bill Moran, Kelly Munson, Sarah Nelson, Sarah Osborn, Ben Pagel, Aaron Pollock, Andy Powell, John Reichel, Lucas Richards, Scott Shore, Aleksandra Stancevich, Andrew Voss, Jack Wilcox, Charles Youel.

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