which weather word would…?

a small chat was had a few days back amongst some of my fellow Spunksters and I about how there are excellent words for describing weather… of course it was almost immediately suggested that this is a prime blog topic.

so here goes.

word one:







Middle English, from Old English scearp; akin to Old High German scarf sharp and perhaps to Old English scrapian to scrape — more at scrape


before 12th century

1: adapted to cutting or piercing: as a: having a thin keen edge or fine point b: briskly or bitingly cold : nipping

2 a: keen in intellect : quick-witted b: keen in perception : acute c: keen in attention : vigilant d: keen in attention to one’s own interest sometimes to the point of being unethical
; also : corrupt, unethical

3: keen in spirit or action: as a: full of activity or energy : brisk
b: capable of acting or reacting strongly; especially : caustic

4: severe, harsh: as a: inclined to or marked by irritability or anger
b: causing intense mental or physical distress c: cutting in language or import

5: affecting the senses or sense organs intensely: as a (1): having a strong odor or flavor (2): acrid b: having a strong piercing sound c: having the effect of or involving a sudden brilliant display of light

6 a: terminating in a point or edge b: involving an abrupt or marked change especially in direction
c: clear in outline or detail : distinct d: set forth with clarity and distinctness

7 aof a tone : raised a half step in pitch b: higher than the proper pitch c: major, augmented —used of an interval in music

8: stylish, dressy

— sharp·ly adverb

— sharp·ness noun