So today I got blessed by the Pope.
Not kidding here – in classic Gump fashion
we wandered into the Vatican after a leisurely
breakki in our jammies and stumbled
into a blessing service along with about
10,000 other sinners.

Ridulously, this was mor like a pep rally
than a mass – all regions of the empire
were announced and recognized – including – and
this is just plain weird – no less than 3 HUGE grups
from Minnesota being recognized. And when i say pep
rally, Im really not exagerating here, some groups
from around the world, when announced and recognized
would play musical instruments and everyone waved some
kind of flag or banners.

New Ulm, St. Thomas University, and Olivia represented
proud in the Vatican blessing ceremoney today.

Also – we found an Estele Getty 80-year-old look alike
on the street around midnight that was husking for us to
patronize either a “Sexy BarĀ°, a “Gentlemans Bar”, a “Disco Bar”,
or a “Piano Bar” – She dogged us in a dedicated fashion for about
a block and a half before she gave us the commission and Went
on to anoher score. Also, in the Roman winter (to them an unbearable
50 degress) Madame Estele was wearing an ankle length parka that
really drove home the creepy grandma sex industry worker vibe.

Roma Victa!!!