Andrew Zimmern Canteen™

The globally recognized and accoladed celebrity chef, Andrew Zimmern has repeatedly partnered with Replace to craft new and a unique food experiences. Replace is truly honored with the collaborative brand creation partnership. Replace authored the name AZ Canteen for this highly successful extension of Andrew’s mission to honor human cultural exchange through the precious experience of great food. AZ Canteen is a celebration of global flavors, and honors Andrew’s New York heritage where in the early days of automotive vehicles, the term “Canteen” referred to any mobile serving kitchen. Replace named, designed, illustrated and wrote the brand copy of this award winning food experience. Since the launch of AZ Canteen, Replace has enjoyed and earned the continued partnership in designing a better food experience for the people that love great food and great stories.

“REPLACE is such a crucial part of my business that we consult them regularly on every deal we do. Literally. Their marketing and business strategic input is as remarkable as their world class design work, just less well advertised. I don’t make a move with out REPLACE.”


Andrew Zimmern

Celebrity Chef

At Target Field

Sacca Pazzo

The Design Process

Phase 1

The national phenomena of great Food Truck experiences led the design consideration. The naming ranged far and wide as did the early design exploration. Andrew’s globe-hopping television and media personally allowed for multi-faceted approached to food, travel. culture, flavor, and exploration.

Phase 2

The brand team quickly unified around the “AZ Canteen” identity and Replace began the refinement work on the larger brand delivery. The AZ Canteen brand became expanded to include brick and mortar food experiences in the twin cities. AZ Canteen began as a rolling food adventure, but now is in multiple stadium locations.