Dean Phillips for US Congress

We’re proud to participate in Dean Phillips’s campaign for US Congress! Replace designed this 1960 International Harvester Metro paint job. Get some of our awesome work for yourself at and 50% of the profits will go to awesome local charities!

Vireo Health in NY Daily News!

Awesome! The ads we made for our awesome Vireo clients got into the NY Daily News! Honesty – this is a big honor for us. WE LOVE the NYDN. Go Vireo!!


Vireo Health

Bravo to our awesome client Vireo Health! For the people dealing with chronic pain, cannabis-based pain relief is a much needed alternative to opioid-based options that currently dominate the market. Vireo Health partnered with Replace to design the new brand identity and packaging system for this medical marijuana innovator. Vireo Health provides pain relief alternatives for the people of New York and Minnesota. Congratulations Vireo!

Tug and the Tooth!

Tug & The Tooth is a colorful story about a little girl named Liza who discovers she has a loose tooth! Liza meets Tug, a magical tooth, who becomes her guide through this wiggly time. Together they embark on a great adventure where she learns to handle the fear and excitement of losing her first tooth. To tell this story, we first worked hand-in-hand with the author to conceptualize and illustrate Tug and Liza. The author then had plush protoypes of Tug created locally. Once approved, we moved into producing a hand-drawn, complementary aesthetic for the background illustrations. When the book was complete, Replace developed a packaging solution that would tie the whole brand together.

Tug and the Tooth

Smash Burger Case Study!

Get Smashed! I am SOOOO dang proud to show off the work we did this year for Smash Burger. SB is a bit of hero of mine. Honestly great burgers with honest real ingredients. The SB brand has deep roots in Minneapolis. They are a great Replacement for the Status Quo in the Big Burger world. All the design & illustration work is inspired by classic American Neon, Cattle Branding, and even Ancient Hieroglyphs. A multi-faceted design celebration of The New Way to Burger. Enjoy!!!

New Joia Spirit website launch!

Bravo to our awesome Joia Spirit client! This week we launch the new Joia Spirit website we designed here at Replace. Joia Spirit is the Mobile Cocktail with Great Taste! Enjoy. And a big thanks to Scott Anderson and the folks at Room 34 Creative Services for developing and help design this awesome experience. Now go outside and pursue the Joia of Life!


New Sumo Dog Case Study!

New Sumo Dog Case Study! Check it. Also – the 1st time in about a decade I cracked open After Effects to make this short Documentary Video. Ive been working in that program since It was called KOSA. Dork alert. Also the first time I’ve edited 4K video. The 1.5 minute video original Mov file size was 41 Gigs. Whoa! Squashed it down to 68 megs. End dork alert. Don’t just go big – Go SUMO!! Enjoy. I love this client. Also! the founder is originally from ND!!! Grand Forks punk rock dude. More reasons to love.

Sumo Dog

Sumo Dog burning it up!!

Dont just go big, Go SUMO! Bravo to our new client Sumo Dog for burning up the L.A. Food world!!