Get to NOMI !!!

Replace is proud to announce the launch of Nomi Snacks! Simply Fresh. Preserved by Cold. Finally, a bar that’s made to eat, not sit on a shelf! It’s a nutritious snack with a fresh taste and soft texture.

For the past year, we have been lucky enough to have been working on the naming, brand design, illustration, packaging, and basically everything else of the Awesome Folks at Nomi!!! The new site just launched! Nomi Snacks are the HEALTHIEST and the MOST DELICIOUS snack bar you are ever going to find. Trust me on that one. Oats & Fruit! That’s it. In 2012, a group of high school friends walked into a community kitchen in Minneapolis with the goal of making a better granola bar. Sick of eating the same old stuff, they developed a recipe with oats and fruit that actually tasted like something they’d want to eat. Find nomi in the refrigerated section, the natural location for all things fresh. We don’t dry out our bars or add alarming chemicals to make them last forever because we think good food should be made to eat. We are EXTREMELY proud of this new work we have done for the great folks at NOMI !!!


Bravo to our awesome client Minneapolis Cider Company on the announcement of the location of the new Cider House. Only a Cider THIS good deserved the name of the best city on the planet earth. Way to go! We were lucky enough to design this brand and help name this awesome new company. The Minneapolis Cider Company is excited to announce the location of their taproom and production facility in Northeast Minneapolis at 401 Harding Street NE, immediately off of East Hennepin Avenue.Additional details to follow in the coming weeks. Stay up-to-date with all the latest announcements by subscribing to the company newsletter and following Minneapolis Cider on social media.

Hoorah!!! Today we get announce the launch of the new Geek Squad Badge we designed at Replace!!

It was two years ago EXACTLY when Replace was honored to design the updated Geek Squad Logo. That is a project of EXTREME HIGH reverence to all of the Replace design dorks. Today we get to announce the new Geek Squad Badge that was completely designed and Illustrated here at Replace. The Geek Squad Badge is an icon of protection, security, and technical prowess. Updating this cultural icon is a big big deal to us. We hope you love it. We sure love Geek Squad. Lots and Lots. Enjoy! – Jeff Johnson, Replace Inc.


Longtime Replace Client, Jonny Pops just announced 5 new flavors! Jonny Pops donates a percentage of EVERY pop to social good. The Jonny Pops crew advocates for better food, a better world and better design all the time. Check out the new flavors! Trust me – they are awesome. Enjoy! – Jeff Johnson, Replace Inc.


Great Events This Weekend at Northern Coffee Works!

Hey good Northern People people! Check out all the events this Super Bowl weekend going on at our good friends over at Northern Coffee works! We have been lucky enough to have been designing for the good folks at Northern Coffeeworks for awhile. They are simply the best coffee shop / bistro in downtown MPLS. With Beer and Wine!!! Who can beat that. The owner, Josh, has been a friend and and advocate for great design and a great bike community for years. Go on down and party it up! Northern Style. – Jeff Johnson

Event Overall: Pig and Piña –
Saturday Ride:
Sunday Ride:

Bravo Dean Phillips!

On the Cover of the City Pages this week. Also – with a GREAT shot of the Touring Van we designed for him. In my 48 years, Dean is the first political candidate for which I have designed. This is no small thing – it’s not like I haven’t been asked. I first designed for Dean and his family back in 1993: An historical survey book for Phillips Distillery. Dean is my age, exactly. We didn’t know it at the time, but while I was scanning old Phillips Liquor labels on my Quadra 900, Dean was climbing the rafters of old Phillips warehouses to GET those labels for me. I am still proud to be designing with Dean. He is precisely what Minnesota needs right now. He’s already my Congressman of Awesome-town. – Jeff Johnson…/can-this-charming-liqu…/470779323

Great stuff from Local Crate and The Wedge!

Well right on! A nice post to wake up to: two of our clients , Local Crate and The Wedge on CBS News this morning . We designed and named this awesome locally sourced meal kit . Enjoy !!

Positive Vibes from the Replace Everything Universe

More positive Vibes and Happy Holidays from the universe. We just cut our first check to our great partners at the Center for the Victims of Torture. These folks do HERCULEAN work for the people that are healing from torture and victimization. And the best part is YOU gave them this funding from purchasing cool design products from Replace Everything. 50% of all profits go to CVT and 4 other great non profits. Big thanks to CVT and to brother Dan Woychick – the MPLS design dude that figured out the tech and the design weirdness that makes this initiative possible. Thanks Dan! And check out to see Dan’s stuff. He sells some of our gear there too – because he’s cool like that. Happy Holidays from the Replace folks!!!