Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

The regional banking giant ADCB brand team engaged Replace to design an inviting brand experience for expatriates that live and bank in the Arabian Gulf States. Abu Dhabi is a strong regional economy that wants to Replace the consternating and confusing bank experiences that beguile many of the expatriate banking options. Replace helped the brand team to name and design the new rewards card program called “The Above Card”. Replace embraced the Arabic language necessity and designed this logo mark in the native Arabic language and in the multilingual applications. The well-heeled professional expatriates that were invited and rewarded with the “Above Card” options appreciated the improvement.

Reach Rewards

The Design Process

Phase 1

Working closely with US brand team for ADCB and translation services, Replace designed multiple design options that read well in both Arabic and English.

Phase 2

The flexibility and the modularity of this first Arabic language immersion proved incredible. The focus of pattern art and deeply detailed typography in Arabic culture was a great design asset that we embraced as a design opportunity.