The 40-year-old, national and industry leading Davis Food Coop of Davis, CA hired Replace to upgrade and improve the identity system that had never been designed for the rigors of 21st century branding. Davis has an ultra-loyal member owner base that have been progressive leaders in the arenas of food justice and sustainable land management in California. The small college town of Davis, CA was experience extreme market pressure from several grocery and retail big box stores moving into direct competition with this member owned, natural food coop. Davis needed a highly modular and highly flexible brand design system  The result has been a multifaceted success story that has propelled this landmark institution for decades of future success with 50% 0f all Davis residents are a co-op member. Keeping food justice and local food cultivation at the brand core, the Davis Food Coop also keeps the joy of community and food at the forefront of the brand experience.

Welcome to Davis

The Design Process

Phase 1

The design exploration in Phase One covered the range of illustrated solutions to highly modern and flexible solutions. The quirky college town of Davis CA became a main character in our brand play. With the name “Davis” Replace created the tagline of “Welcome to Davis” with an authority that the big box retailers could not replicate.

Phase 2

The illustrations of the unique features and treasures of Davis, CA served as the rich backdrop for the brand refinement. Working closely with our client, co-op members, and national co-op leaders, we crafted a design solution that making “Welcome to Davis” hit home.