Jonny Pops

The entrepreneurial brand, Jonny Pops (JP) hired Replace to take this fledgling brand and redesign the brand deliverables for the competitive world of indulgence ice cream products. The incredible JP brand story begins with tragedy and thrives with awesomeness. Jonny, the founders cousin sadly died in a drug related death. This tragedy moved the JP founders to create a company in Jonny’s name that would donate a portion of all profits to chemical addiction recovery. Remarkably, the founding JP were sophomores in college when the brand was launched and grew this incredible business while still completing their academic studies and gradating. With the simple ingredients of fruit, cream, water, cane sugar and pinch of salt, JP is one of the few cream based, real fruit popsicles in the market. The grocery marketplace for frozen treats is incredible competitive and margins are prohibiitably thin. JP engages its hard earned customers with a great tasting, healthier treat and a great brand story. “A Better Pop for a Better World” is not just the JP tagline, it is clearly the mission of the company.


At the Minnesota State Fair

In cross-pollinating approach to brand design, Replace was honored to introduce JP to another great client of ours, The Minnesota State Fair! Replace created a new flavor for JP just for the Fair, “The Snelling Strawberry Rhubard” Jonny Pop became a fast favorite of the JP brand team and the Minnesota State Fair. Jonny Pops first year the State Fair was a runaway success and in just one year of working with Replace, JP has been able to quadruple its business. A better pop for a better world.