Your Community Grocers


Oxendale’s Market is a locally owned grocery store located in the Nokomis Neighborhood of Minneapolis, St. Paul, West St. Paul and soon to come, Bloomington neighborhood of the Twin Cities metro. They are locally invested in their communities. They take pride in sourcing products locally and hiring employees from the communities their stores are in.


We had the opportunity to rework the Oxendales brand as they expand. Given the emphasis on local, we ended up creating a unique logomark that focuses on the specific communities the store is located in. These logomarks include products but also pull from the architecture of their stores and the surrounding area. We back these monoline logomarks with two strong, unpretentious san-serif typefaces for our branding. We also created an Ox icon to help spice up the brand, because why not? This icon is used to inject a little playfulness into the brand.

Brand Materials

Design Process