There is a better way to create and invest in the future. Semcap (formerly called Seminal Capital) invests behind seminal trends in sectors that have the greatest impacts on humanity – Healthcare, Education and Food & Nutrition. We worked on creating branding for the master Semcap brand as well as the three investment arms operating underneath it. After months of design exploration we ended up creating unique icons for each using semi circles in a 3 x 3 grid. This helped ensure that each entity had a unique logomark while keeping a cohesive look across all 4.

Design Process

We began the project with the focus on branding just Semcap’s Nutritional arm. We explored versions close to their existing logomark at the time as well as options that included what Semcap could look like using different approaches. This exploration led to us developing our modular geometric approach and the opportunity to brand all 4 corporate entitites.