New Semcap Case Study

There is a better way to create and invest in the future. Semcap (formerly called Seminal Capital) invests behind seminal trends in sectors that have the greatest impact on humanity – Healthcare, Education and Food & Nutrition. We worked on creating branding for the master Semcap brand as well as the three investment arms operating underneath it. After months of design exploration we ended up creating unique icons for each using semi circles in a 3 x 3 grid. This helped ensure that each entity had a unique logomark while keeping a cohesive look to all 4 brands.

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Johnny Pops Star Tribune!

Johnny Pops co-founders Connor Wray and Erik Brust were recently featured in a Star Tribune article discussing their new 80,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Elk River. The company and its 80-plus employees, now based in St. Louis Park, will be moving its headquarters to Elk River later this year following renovations and improvements at the new site.

“People look at food businesses and think it’s an overnight success, but for us it’s a 10-year overnight success,” said Erik Brust, co-founder and chief executive of JonnyPops. “This facility is a huge investment in our future and a re-commitment to Minnesota.”

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Twin Cities Time and Luxury

This past summer, we had the great honor of working with Minnesota’s very own,  Twin Cities Time and Luxury. Specializing in luxury watches, they offer sourcing services that will provide you with the best selection of timepieces around.  In addition to watches, they offer select jewelry and accessories. Check it out!











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Welcome to Gem House on Lake Superior!

Gem House is the culmination of a life-long dream: To create an exceptionally inviting retreat and adventure base on the shores of mighty Lake Superior. Located a minute’s walk from the historic Naniboujou Lodge, and a 15-minute drive north of Grand Marais, the Gem House is a unique destination for rest and a true North Shore experience.

Gem House’s wide, sandy beach is a rare find on Superior, perfect for gemstone hunting, beach walks, evening fires, and fishing next to the Brule River. Be sure to stop in at the Naniboujou Lodge and enjoy a meal in what is arguably the most unique dining room in all of Minnesota. When you need a forest fix, explore the sprawling Judge C.R. Magney State Park just on the other side of Hwy 61. Bring your boots and make the challenging hike from Gem House up to the mysterious Devil’s Kettle Falls. We are also very near the Superior Hiking Trail featuring endless areas for exploration. And, of course, you’ll want to visit Grand Marais and Grand Portage while you’re here.

Special Thanks to Scott Anderson from Room 34, as well as Stephane Rau and Jon Barber from Rau+Barber!

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EMBARK! For the Modern Explorer.

Replace is VERY excited to show off this new work we have just finished for the GREAT folks at B+E Maple Syrup in Wisconsin. Amazing folks with an amazing sustainable vision. This new brand is an energy shot made with good energy (both in the people and the product) – all pure Wisconsin maple syrup and it tastes great. Embark! For the Modern Explorer. Big ups to Lucas Richards for the amazing work on this amazing brand! Big ups to EMBARK!

Grasso Foods is Here!

People today eat too much sugar, too many preservatives, and too little fat. The goal of Grasso Foods is to reintroduce people to naturally delicious, fat forward products. Aside from tasting great, they keep you full, focused, and ready for action much longer than their sugary, preserved counterparts. ‘Grasso’ is Italian for ‘fat’, and like Italians, they take great pride in the food they serve, and won’t let you walk away unsatisfied. Who says the healthy food revolution can’t taste great?

We have been working on Grasso for almost an entire year now, and are so excited to finally show it off. All the illustrations were done by us, as well as some custome typography. We are extremely happy with how it turned out and even happier to work with a fantastic Minneapolis owned business!

Go Solo!

Go Solo! It was a HUGE HUGE HUGE honor to work with the great folks at Solo to design the new Icon for the TRANSCENDENTLY recognized Red Solo Cup. We also had the honor to design a new icon for the ANTHORA Cup. What’s the Anthora Cup you ask? It’s the Greek style coffee cup you have seen A MILLION times in New York and basically every movie about NY. And even better… and here’s the great part… All of this work was for SOLO SUPPORTS! The New Solo Cup initiative to provide meals for folks that need them. Very much like the initiative we started at Replace 4 years ago, Looking great and doing great! Now go show some support for folks in need and visit Solo Supports! And raise a glass for us, for you, for everyone! JJ

Lite Bud : Just Lite. Just Rite

We are very proud of this new Cannabis brand that we were lucky enough to design for our awesome Vireo client. Check out this great write up in Forbes. The Minnesota-based multi-state operator Vireo Health recently released “Lite-Bud” which the company claims to be “America’s First micro-dose pre-rolled cones. Lite-Bud pre-rolls are made with flower testing in at 4-10% THC, which is notably lower than the high twenties standard for cannabis flower cultivars available at dispensaries. Just Lite. Just right.

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Welcome to Freedom!

Welcome to Freedom! Great to see the work that Replace did with Hen’s Teeth and Sheehan Photography for Chumash Casino is going up all over L.A. Very proud of this work we did for the Tribal Community of The Chumash.