1937 : On the Right Side of History

Everyone at Replace is INCREDIBLY proud to finally show off 1937: A new cannabis brand we designed and named for our awesome Vireo client. In 1937, a small and powerful group of cannabis prohibitionists used their influence to push the Marihuana Tax Act into law. They used potent propaganda to change a common household remedy into a tool to send our people to prison. Stripping them of their rights, and their vote. The name 1937 was deliberately chosen as we believe in the power of cannabis to right those wrongs. As state over state overturns prohibition, we proudly stand for cannabis wellness, social justice and equality for all.


New Seward Coop Website!!

Bravo Seward!!! We were so very very proud to work with the whole Seward Coop team and the mighty mighty Scott Anderson from Room 34 on this update for the Seward Coop Website. Replace been lucky enough to brand design work for Seward Coop for the past 16 years. Seward Coop is the fastest growing Natural Food Coop in the western hemisphere. 7m/year to 50m.year in 16 years. Whoa. This doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by putting your Coop VALUES in front of everything. Coop Values in front of design. Coop Values in front of business decisions. Coop Values in front of community decisions. I grew up in a Horace Farmers Elevator Coop in North Dakota that my family helped found. I used to work as a laborer in that same elevator in high school. Designing this work for Seward has very deep personal roots. The businesses (grocery and otherwise) that have engaged in the race to the bottom in the past 20 years have suffered the predictable fate – they got there. Bravo to Seward Coop, who unlike their grocery competition, have instead raced to the top: And keep finding a new top at every turn. Thanks to everyone at Seward, Room 34, and the whole Replace crew that laid down the glory for this site update. JJ


New work for Vivid Interior!

Check out some of the new design we did for our good friends at Vivid Interior! It is such a pleasure to get to work with them again on their new store, Reviv Boutique! Let’s go Vivid!!


New Photos of Sumo Dog!

Check out these awesome new photos of Sumo Dog! We are so proud to be a part of what made them great. Hurrah to Sumo Dog!

Check out the Case Study here: http://designreplace.com/casestudy/sumo-dog/

AIGA 2019 Design Show Winners: Nomi and MPLS Cider Co!

Hoorah!! We are so proud that Nomi and Minneapolis Cider Company brought home a much coveted and much earned AIGA MN Design Show Award Last night!  This is no small thing. The MN AIGA chapter is the most active (and for our money) the BEST showing AIGA chapter in the country. Competition for
Design awards from this show is very tight. In fact, its the only design show we enter anymore – Because its all about MN, my friends.

Bravo to everyone who entered and everyone who helped put together this fantastic show! We can’t wait to see what’s on display next year!

AIGA Website: https://aigaminnesota.org/

MPLS Cider Case Study: http://designreplace.com/casestudy/minneapolis-cider-co/

NOMI Case Study: http://designreplace.com/casestudy/nomi/

Vireo in the Star Tribune!

Melting my hardened design industry heart back into the shape of a real heart. 23 years ago I founded my design shop, Replace, only to do work for the good folks on our shared planet. Seward Coop, Jonny Pops, Galactic Pizza, Geek Squad, Local Crate, Equal Exchange, Nomi – the list is far to long to give full shout – But when we were lucky enough to start designing for Vireo Health 4 years ago, you could tell that something VERY special had happened… and more importantly WAS happening. For 4 years we have been lucky enough to be at an EPIC daily design sprint for this great company. Vireo is facing the horrors of the opioid epidemic head on with a better option: Minnesota grown Medical Cannabis. I can honestly say that in my nearly 30 years as a designer, I have never seen a client with their hearts, brains, arms, spines and souls so invested into positive social change through the lens of their business. And THAT my fine friend is really saying something. Bravo to Dr. Kyle Kingsley featured yesterday in the Strib. It is a flat out honor to design this brand and a bigger honor just to know the folks at Vireo.

– Jeff Johnson



Broders’ Case Study is here!

The Broders’ family came to Replace with a problem. Owning three different restaurant properties in the same area for over 3 decades, they needed a way to unify them all together while making sure each had it’s own unique flair.

We are very pleased to be able to show off the great work we did with Broders’ and we hope you like it just as much as we do.

Check it out now!

It’s Always Time to Get Lucky!

It’s Always Time To Get Lucky!

We are soooooo stoked to show off the first Lucky Cricket branded property we designed with our awesome Friend and Client, Andrew Zimmern. Working with the Architecture and Design magicians at Shea Design, the design process for this property has been a studio highlight for all of us at a Replace. We are proud to to show off this awesome new property we branded for AZ. It has been a four-year journey since we first named and designed this brand for AZ. Many thanks to our friends and partners at Shea Design for their intense spirit of collaboration and art. And, of course, many thanks to the boss man, Andrew Zimmern for his amazing leadership and energy making this such a great experience. And we can’t forget HUGE thanks to Stephanie Rau and John Barber at Rau-Barber for the wondrous photos of this great space. Now turn off your computer or phone you are reading right now and get your buns to the AZLC bar for a big fruity Tiki Drink!

Welcome to Santa Sumonica

We are VERY proud to show off our interior and exterior design work on the Great Sumo Dog brand. This work is for the new location in Santa Monica – what we named, “Santa Sumonica!” We have been lucky enough to design all the gear for Sumo Dog in years. The freshest ingredients and locally owned in CA. Don’t just go big – Go Sumo! Japanese inspired Hot Dogs. Trust me – they are the best dog you will ever taste. And thanks to Stephenie Pashkowsky for the great photos!!!