JOIA aims to celebrate life and create joy through its authenticity. Natural ingredients remind us how nature and the environment need no improvement or alteration. Branding JOIA in a way that celebrated its ingredients placed the value not on the product but on the natural resources that produced it.

JOIA to the World

“The best part of the week was looking forward to what Replace had created since the last meeting. And it all ended with award winning creative and design that continues to get our Brand noticed year after year. We couldn’t have made a better decision than having Replace do our design work.”


Carleton Johnson

Co-Founder Boundary Waters Brands | Joia All Natural Soda

The Design Process

Phase 1

We involved over 500 naming options and dozens of completely unique design approaches. The name “Joia” means Jewel in Portuguese. The initial designs all approached differing opportunities of the marketplace and some were more focused on nightlife consumers, while others were kid-friendly and single occasion celebrations.

Phase 2

With Joia, like all of our clients, we always know in our heart that we do not need to outspend the competition, we only need to outsmart them. The design work in Phase Two continued on multiple tracks until the “Natural and Celebratory” direction clearly emerged as a test market favorite.


The Joia of Good Spirits. The history and legacy of the Joia beverages brand began with great cocktails. Twin Cities legendary mixologist, Dan Oskey, was the originator of the Joia flavors that made the flagship Sparkling brand a favorite with bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts. Joia Spirit is the natural evolution of this all natural beverage brand into the world of mixed cocktails. The first three flavors represent some of the most favored Joia cocktail creations. Joia Spirits is the all natural choice for those who Drink with Distinction. Cheers to well-spirited experiences with good friends and great cocktails.

Design Process