The Brew that Grew with the Great Northwest.

Schmidt® is a brand that’s been around for awhile. It predates the civil war so of course we were honored to give it a facelift. With over 150 years of rich heritage celebrating the great outdoors, sportsmen and the feeling of wide open spaces, we had plenty of inspiration to draw from. This eventually led to revising two of the brand’s most historic logotypes as well as bringing back it’s iconic badge.

Outdoor photography adorned the most recent packaging but felt too heavy to reflect the lightness of the beer. It became clear early on that illustration was the way to go. We drew heavily from the 1960’s era Les Kouba cans for our pheasant illustration, which adorns both the cans and the 30 packs. Removing any sort of background illustration gives the pheasant and branding, room to breath and a lightness that reflects this clean, crisp 4.5% abv brew.

Design Process

With the Great Outdoors running thick through the past Schmidt® brand and packaging we wanted to honor that, eventually landing on an illustrative approach for the pheasant that adorns the can and 30 pack. We also revised both of the historic logotypes for Schmidt, landing on something new but that tips its hat to the brand’s past glory.