Replace was very proud to work with Tait Subler  and their branding arm Hen’s Teeth Branding arm to help their client, the tribal Chumash Community of The Chumash Casino Resort. Once Tait Subler had developed an out-of-the-box strategy that would set the Chumash Casino Resort apart, we worked with Hen’s Teeth to develop iconography, photography and an expansive brand styleguide to advance and enhance this asset of the tribal community. Our goal was to design artwork that would champion and reflect the peaceful Valley of The Chumash. In addition, we wanted to create a system that would thrive in the multilingual environment that reflects the diversity of the Santa Ynez valley.


We worked with Sheehan Photography and Hen’s Teeth to bring the whole thing to life. We have been lucky enough to work with Sheehan for over 25 years, and we are extremely happy with all of the work they have done with us. The great folks of Tait Subler and Hen’s Teeth led the strategic work and framed the goals of this awesome project. Sheehan Photography brought the visual insanity to the photos that let this whole system really take flight.


Hen’s Teeth core creative concept was to bring gambling directly out into the scenic Valley of the Chumash. Replace brought that concept to life. All the work was designed to highlight Chumash Casino Resort as an island of peace, tranquility, and freedom. A near-destination getaway for their patrons from the congested L.A. area. All photography was shot on location, to highlight the stunning views and vistas of the valley. Unlike Las Vegas, The Valley of The Chumash is not a destination for spin and sin. CCR is fresh air, stunning views, and relaxation in a uniquely gorgeous environment.